About Gloria



Maria Glória Éttari was born in 1974 in Naples, Italy. Since childhood, she showed her tendency for the arts, singing and playing a toy guitar. Already in Rome, she has attended the Scuola Internazionale di Comics and has worked in a production and editing studio, drawing comics. At age 19, she began to sing in the choir Phonema Gospel Choir, directed by Antonella Cilenti in Rome, besides singing in bars and clubs in Naples.


Between 1998 and 1999, she studied opera and popular song and even attended summer courses in one of the branches of the Berklee College of Music of Boston in Perugia, Italy, where she was selected among many candidates for a scholarship in the United States. Soon after, in Naples, she has improved in the Centro Formazione Musica (CFM) in vocal technique, music theory and sight singing, studying also ear-training, harmony, jazz and piano.


In 2000, she opened the Festival Umbria Jazz Winter 7 in Orvieto, Italy. In 2001, she was a soloist of the orchestra Jazz Lês Enfants Terrible, conducted by maestro Valerius Silvestro in Naples. In 2002, still in Naples, she was lead singer of popular Italian music e Zézi and recorded the CD Diavùle a quàtto whose Vesuvio track was part of the soundtrack of the American series "The Sopranos," critically acclaimed.


In 2003, fascinated by Brazilian music, she moved to Rio de Janeiro (RJ - Brazil). In Wonderful City, she participated in the recording of the collection of the Music Movement "Outrossim", with Luce Piena song of Massimo Deda and performed in several shows at Centro Cultural Carioca and Centro Cultural Suassuna. In April 2003, Gloria was vocal coach of Comunità musical that was on display until February 2004, at the theater "Arena" and "Ipanema" in Rio. In 2004, she participated in the course "The vocal and physical expressiveness in professional performance," directed and organized by the audiologist Angela de Castro and by Professor Rossella Terranova. From then on she began working as a private teacher of singing and vocal technique, besides integrating the teaching choir of some schools in Rio, including "Rio Música" and "Guitar Club".


In the choir Phonema Gospel Choir,
in Rome (1994).

Summer courses of Berklee College

of Music, in Perugia, Italy (1999).

With the group e Zézi in Naples,
Italy (2002).

In Centro Cultural Suassuna with the performers of “Outrossim”, RJ (2003).

From 2006 to 2008, she was one of the vocalists of Afro-Brazilian group "Batacotô", a project based on African-Brazilian polyrhythms led by Nema Antunes and drummer Teo Lima. The band was nominated for the Raça Negra award. With the show "Batacotô & Friends" at the Teatro Rival and Tom Bar, she shared the stage with some big names of Brazilian popular music, such as Ivan Lins, Alcione, Altay Veloso, Jorge Vercillo, Ana Costa, Sandra de Sá, Eliana Printes, Benegão, Pery Ribeiro, among others. In August 2007, she participated of the DVD live recording of American singer Dionne Warwick, Dionne and Friends Live in Brazil, singing with Batacotô group, Jorge Ben Jor, Ivan Lins, Simone, Emílio Santiago and Gilberto Gil in "Via Funchal", in Sao Paulo.


In 2009 and 2010, she performed in several nightclubs of Rio with Quartettari group, with everlasting songs in the repertoire, from jazz standards of American culture to traditional international pop, also through the popular Brazilian and Italian music on being able to merge masterfully jazz, pop, soul, and new tunes with lyrics in Italian and Portuguese. Thus, the quartet begins to present new compositions of Massimo Deda who was developing an authorial work. In July 2009, it launched the show "Tribute to Roberto Carlos". The songs, played by Quartettari, were presented in Italian version and written by Massimo Deda, honoring the fifty year career of the "King". Later, they were recorded in Gloria’s voice on her debut CD.

With “Batacotô” at Espaço Bis, RJ (2006).

With “Batacotô”, RJ

With Ivan Lins in the show "Batacotô & Amigos" at the Teatro Rival, RJ (2007).

With "Batacotô" and Eliana Printes

at Bar do Tom, RJ (2008).

Between November 2009 and February 2010, she recorded the first independent solo album, the CD "Glory Ettari", a project written, produced and with arrangements of Massimo Deda, also with the presence of great musicians.


In September 2010, she sung on Merica – voci e canti sull’emigrazione, a show about the Italian immigration in Brazil along with Massimo Deda on guitar, Maurizio Belli on percussion and Tammorra and Toni Giovanna as the voice narrator, with dramaturgy by Walter Long.


In February 2011, it is released the CD "Glory Ettari", debut solo work which expressed elegantly and with deep passion such love for Brazilian music, presenting a lovely mix of different sounds and cultures, a repertoire of original songs of Massimo Deda.


From 2012 to 2014, she attended the Escola Portátil de Música, in Rio de Janeiro, and, with the guidance of the singer and teacher Amelia Rabello, deepens the samba language and weeping through the study of classical and contemporary composers works, in addition to the main performers, acquiring greater mastery in style and way of relating with the characteristic corner of these musical genres.

With Alcione in the show "Batacotô & Amigos" at the Teatro Rival, RJ (2007).

Recording of "Glória Éttari" CD, RJ (November, 2009).

Recording of "Glória Éttari" CD, RJ

(January, 2011).

With the singer and teacher

Amelia Rabello, RJ (2014).

Versatile, intense and charismatic performer, she is an active singer in Rio nights. In her shows, always counting on participation of excellent musicians, she brings a beautiful combination of sounds and different rhythms. From MPB to samba or bossa nova to the ripped samba-song, the singer moves with ease for any musical genre, printing with own style an expressive jazzy accent.


Currently, she teaches singing and vocal technique to promote group or individual classes and workshops throughout Brazil.